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Waste Not Want Not

Posted by Pete on 27 June 2018
Filed under: Rubbish

You wouldn’t normally expect international trade agreements to have a direct impact on the local government sector, but China’s National Sword program, which has restricted the importation of recyclable material since 1 January 2018, has hit many councils squarely in the Rs—the Rubbish part of their Rates, Roads and Rubbish portfolio, to be precise. (more…)

Schedule of Conditions

Posted by Pete on 28 May 2018
Filed under: Regulations

When a Development Application (DA) is approved, the approval will be accompanied by a Schedule of Conditions. These conditions provide detail relating to how a particular development should be undertaken. For the most part, these conditions will simply be references to working conditions or standards that apply to the development in question. (more…)

Principal Certifying Authorities

Posted by Pete on 30 April 2018
Filed under: Regulations

You may recall that I have been doing a bit of building work of late. Well, actually, I’ve only just finalised all the necessary paperwork and appointed a Principal Certifying Authority (PCA). The process of appointing a PCA, in particular, has been quite educational. (more…)

Road Naming

Posted by Pete on 27 March 2018
Filed under: Regulations,Roads

Have you ever wondered how roads get their names? People will have noticed that there are roads that have been named in recognition of local features, historical or present, or in recognition of people who have been historically associated with the area being serviced by the road. But there are a few formalities that need to be addressed, if you’ll pardon the pun, before a name appears on a street sign.

Home Building Regulations

Posted by Pete on 25 February 2018
Filed under: Regulations

Last month’s post on Owner Builder Permits referred to recent changes in home building regulations. These changes were directed at the home building industry in general, not just owner builders, but there were a couple of areas that might be worth a little further discussion. (more…)

Owner Builder Permits

Posted by Pete on 29 January 2018
Filed under: Regulations

I had occasion recently to apply for an Owner-Builder Permit. I’ve done building work myself before, but hadn’t previously required a Permit. This was due in part to the work being undertaken, but also recent (2015) changes in home building laws. (more…)

Regional Strategic Planning

Posted by Pete on 27 November 2017
Filed under: General

While State and Local Government strategic planning can be a bit of dry subject at times, the recent release of the NSW South East and Tablelands Regional Plan 2036 seemed like an opportune time to take a brief look at the way that State-level strategic planning filters down into the local government arena. (more…)

Bush Fire Prone Land

Posted by Pete on 30 October 2017
Filed under: General,Regulations

As we head into the summer months, I thought it might be worth looking at some of the specific conditions associated with development in areas prone to bush fire. (more…)

Land Title Covenants

Posted by Pete on 26 September 2017
Filed under: Regulations

In an earlier post I touched on the subject of covenants when discussing Rights of Carriageway. I thought it might be worthwhile digging a little further into this aspect of land titles. (more…)

Legal & Practical Access

Posted by Pete on 25 August 2017
Filed under: Roads

With recent changes to the legislation governing the management of Crown lands, I thought it would be worth revisiting the subject of one of my first pieces on Road Reserves. (more…)

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