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Integrated Planing & Reporting Workshop Data

Posted by Pete on 28 September 2011
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I’ve also added a section under the Palerang Info Zone on the Integrated Planning & Reporting process that Council is currently undertaking. The process is not yet complete, so this section will remain a ‘work in progress’ for a little while.

You can download an Excel spreadsheet containing all the input that was gathered thorugh the eleven community workshops that were held throughout the shire during May and June. I am also in the process of loading all of this information into an on-line database so that you can do simple keyword searches through the data.

The results of the analysis of this data, that has been undertaken to date, is also provided.

Follow the Palerang Info Zone link in the left side menu, then select IP & R, or just click here.

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    26 May 2012 @ 15:11

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